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It´s here! Kraftwerk 2014 – The calendar with Anna Fenninger.

End of April 2013 Anna Fenninger visited the facilities of the NamibianCheetah Conservation Fund (CCF). On site she has informed herself about the CCF engagement in cheetah conservation and the preservation of their habitat. The experiences and the impressions in Namibia had moved Anna deeply: “It has been fascinating to get personally involved and I really hope that we can watch the wild animals for long time.”

Being the European Ambassador of the CCF Anna has set herself the aim to help the non-profit association, which was founded in 1990, as often as she can. During her stay the photographer Thomas Kettner took excellent and unique shoots of Anna and the cheetahs. These photos have now been compiled to thecalendar called “kraFtwerk 2014”. “With this calendar I try to draw attention of the difficulties between the people especially the farmers and the cheetahs. I hope much more people get interested in it and try to help”, said the skier. The net income of the calendar will be donated to the CCF.

By the way, the project – kraFtwerk– had already startedlast year.Then the photographer had taken incredible picturesof the German four-time World- and European champion in figure skatingAljonaSavchenko and Robin Szolkowy.

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